The Risk Avengers: A collaboration

We're very excited to announce the formation of The Risk Avengers, as 3 very well respected and experienced industry experts come together. 

Dr. Jessica Barker, Sharon Conheady and Toni Sless, each running their own successful consultancies, are pooling their extensive knowledge and experience in the fraud prevention, physical security, cyber crime, social engineering and penetration testing arenas. 

The Risk Avengers will be offering their consultancy and training services to both startups and larger businesses wishing to ensure they have the right policies, processes and procedures in place to deal with the minefield that is information security, fraud awareness and prevention.

Risk Avenger Toni Sless states, "Business risk is evolving and creating a very challenging and complex environment. Businesses need to know where to concentrate their efforts and ensure that they are protected should something go wrong. With this in mind, we have created The Risk Avengers to help businesses on their security and fraud strategies and also train their staff so they are able to better respond and protect themselves against business risks and threats".

Don't wait until you've been a victim of fraud or cybercrime, contact us today for a chat to discuss how we can help.