Risk is becoming an increasingly more challenging and complex environment, is your business fully protected?


The stats speak for themselves, 2.5 million reported incidents of cyber crime over the last year in the UK alone (ONS), 50% of organisations not confident that their executives can spot a phishing attack (Tripwire) and over £32 million has been reported to be lost as a result of CEO fraud (Action Fraud). 

As a small startup, or an established business, it is easy to focus on revenue rather than the dark arts of security and fraud. This is where The Risk Avengers can fly in to help! We will sit down with your senior executives to come up with clear and actionable security and fraud strategies to ensure you're protected against business risks. No matter the size of your business, we can tailor your policies and procedures to ensure it matches the risks that your specific industry and business face.


Tailored training to match your requirements

Whether you want one on one training for a senior executive, or you wish to ensure your whole business is trained for the potential threats of fraud, cyber crime and social engineering, we have the package for you. Our interactive and engaging training is guaranteed to provide delegates all the essential information on how to protect their business against threats and ensure compliance with key legislation. 


Cyber Security

Information is the lifeblood of an organisation, ensure you keep your reputation intact.

  • Cyber security threats
  • Information most at risk
  • Implications of data breach
  • Most important steps to make your organisation more secure

Fraud Awareness

It could be management of projects, going to market with new products or the threat of insider fraud, we can cover all areas.

  • What does the fraud landscape look like?
  • Combat fraud risk problems
  • Red flags around insider fraud
  • Threats posed by fraudsters
Social engineering.jpg

Social Engineering

Malicious individuals use deception to mislead to gain unauthorised access to sensitive information.

  • Understand the threat of social engineering
  • Identifying social engineering attacks
  • What to do if an attack takes place
  • Being alert to malicious attacks